Q. How long should my hair be in order to have body waxing done?
A. It is best if a majority of the hair, intended to be waxed, is between a 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch long. Some would compare that to a grain of rice. Hair longer than that is not a problem. If the intended hair is deemed too long, the technician will trim it. Attempts to trim on your own could result in making the hair too short.

Q. What is hard wax?
A. Hard wax is a type of wax that does not require a strip for removal. It is best used for coarse, curly hair, or for people with skin sensitivity.

Q. How should I maintain my waxing?
A. Waxing results are best if they are maintained. By maintenance I mean frequency of waxing. For example, a bikini wax should be done anywhere between 3-8 weeks regularly. Any longer than eight weeks it is like you never starting waxing. Frequent waxing results in thinner, softer hair.

Q. Should I tweeze between waxes?
A. My favorite answer to this question is, "they are your eyebrows, you can do what you want with them." That being said, if you are going for a specific shape, it is not always easy to follow the shape, and keep your brows even, on your own.

Q. What is a Brazilian wax?
A. A Brazilian wax is considered the removal of ALL hair from the top of the labia all the way down and around up to the top of the butt crack, and then any combination of hair pattern or design on the pubic bone.

Q. What is a male Brazilian wax?
A. A male Brazilian wax is considered the removal of ALL hair that grows in the genital region. Buttocks can be included upon request for an extra charge.

Q. What is a virgin Brazilian wax?
A. A virgin Brazilian wax is the first time ever receiving a Brazilian waxing service. 

Q. Can I get a Brazilian wax while on my period?
A. This answer varies depending on whom you ask. Personally, my answer is, if you don't mind, then I don't mind. Some may say that you are more sensitive when you are menstruating but that also varies from person to person.

Q. Are Brazilian waxes safe?
A. This is a two-part answer. Firstly, there is no health hazard to removing pubic hair. The only real benefit to pubic hair is to carry pheromones. Secondly, the other concern regarding safety is sanitation. You can ALWAYS be sure that I use the utmost precautions in safety and sanitation in all of my skin care services. I NEVER cross-contaminate!

Q. Can I get waxed while on Retin A*?
A. The most simple answer would be no. But (and there is a but) there are a few alternatives that I can do. One alternative is to prepare the skin with a lubricant in order to prevent any skin tears. Secondly, we can use hard wax. Thirdly, I can use *threading.
*Retin A is a vitamin A derivative that is used topically as a daily exfoliation.
*Threading is an ancient form of hair removal that utilizes thread.

Q. What can I expect to feel like after being waxed?
A. Everyone is different and can expect to have different reactions. Most of the time you will experience slight swelling and some pink or red skin reaction. Occasionally, one may experience red bumps and slight itching as well. These symptoms should decrease anywhere from 20 minutes to 24 hours. The time limit of the skin reaction can vary from the type of skin you have or the frequency in which you wax. You can help to reduce the redness and swelling by using a cool compress or ice.

Q. What should I do to prevent/get rid of in-grown hairs?
A. In-grown hairs are not something that affects everyone. It most often affects those with coarse, curly, or wavy hair. For those it does affect, it tends to be quite bothersome. First and foremost, waxing tends to sometimes make the situation better. Shaving is known to create the worst of the in-grown hair afflictions. Secondly, if you still do get them from waxing you must try to do a couple of things. You should always try to keep the area clean and dry. You should use some sort of scrub* in the shower. You should then use some sort of treatment that dries out the pores. Examples of that are tend skin or rubbing alcohol. Lastly you want to avoid picking at them. It will only cause redness and scarring.
*A scrub is a form of removing dead skin cell from your body using an abrasive product. You can use one that is salt or sugar based. But there are many different kinds out there.